Candid interview with 'Badshah'

Behind Diljit Dosanjh's latest single, Proper Patola that topped youtube India for days and also generated more than 1 million views, there's a man who not only gave its music but also wrote this song. And that name is 'Badshah'. Here's a little chitchat with him.

Q :How did Aditya became Badshah?

A: :Badshah  is a name given to me by Yo Yo honey singh. Years back when we were together and in search of a screen name for me, Honey Singh looking at my way of living gave me the name 'Badshah'. Badshah is my favorite too as it gives me the Shahrukh Khan (one of Shahrukh's movies is Badshah) and I also believe in living life king size. 

Q :When did you started writing/rapping/singing?

A: Music has been my passion since childhood. When I was eighth grade, I started writing and with times better exposure to different genres of music helped a lot in my learning process. I think, my becoming a rapper/song-writer was just a natural progression. It had to happen.  

Q:Tell us about your education?

A:I did my schooling from Bal Bharti School, Pitampura, Delhi.  Then I did my graduation in civil engineering from PEC, Chandigarh.  

Q : Tell us about your family?Are they supportive about your profession?

A:I have a very supportive and loving family. My family consists of my parents, sister and my wife. My father though, in my early days, was not very supportive towards my interest in music but by God's grace, things fell into place and my dreams became a reality. My sister Aparajita, is another support and a true critic; she always tells me honestly as to how my songs are and my wife, Jasmine, is another piller in my life without whom I could not be where I am.   

Q :You have been with Yo Yo Honey Singh since long, and given some amazing music. What do you have to say about that and today Honey Singh is the most controversial star. Kindly comment on that too. 

A: I know Honey since 2006 and today Yo Yo honey singh is one guy with 70 million fans on Facebook. Wherever he performs die to go there. All his shows overseas and even all over India are jampacked and this is a pure outcome of his hardwork. I have seen Honey working 24 hours literally. He knows that he has to be perfect, knows everything what's the demand of the market. Controversy is a part of being a star plus, his job is to entertain people and not preach. He does his job perfectly and that's why he has a massive following. 

Q How did 'Proper Patola' come your way? Share your experience of working with Diljit Dosanjh?

A: Proper patola came years back. I wrote this song and was looking for that one thing which would make it perfect and then came Diljit Bhaji's voice and the result is in front of everyone now. Diljit is one of the finest and down to earth person I have come across. He put in every effort to make the song perfect.

Q: Whom do you give the credit for Proper Patola being the biggest hit which has topped youtubeindia for  days together?

A:It is really a combined effort of many who wanted this to be the biggest hit. I really thank the whole cast and crew for this success- Director gifty and Diljit Dosanjh himself. 

Q :Your album 'One' is coming up. Tell us about it ?

A:"'One' is very close to my heart. I have put in efforts and worked really hard for it and now when it is coming out, I assure my fans that it's going come with a bang!! One of the best parts is that this album is giving chance to several newcomers. Some big names will also be there like, 'Diljit Dosanjh' and 'Jazz Dhami'. The video shoot of ONE is taking place in London currently and I hope that the best comes out. ( fingers crossed).


Q :What are your favorite Punjabi movies?

A:I love Carry On Jatta , Jihne Mera Dil Luteya And Mel Karde Rabba. I wish to be a director too. 


Q :Your favourite actors?

A:Shahrukh Khan And Diljit Doshanjh