Candid interview with Amit Prasher (Director)

A talented guy from a small town in Punjab, Nakoder, had dreams of entering the film industry since childhood. Coming from a family of academicians, Amit did not have any links within the industry and all that he was equipped with, was a strong determination to succeed in his chosen field.

After having had his share of ups and downs and numerous struggles, Amit finally got a chance to work as the associate director in Dharti (2011) followed by ‘Taur Mitran Di’ (2012) before getting a much-deserved break as the director of ‘Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22’.

Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22, starring Yo Yo Honey Singh and Amrinder Gill was a runaway hit and now, Amit is working on his next film named, Ishq Brandy which is going to be a situational comedy.

 Q: Tell us something about your first movie, Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22? 

A: I am grateful to God, my parents and the audiences for accepting my movie in a big way.Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22 was a movie that was put together with a lot of effort and dedication. Now, I know, I have more responsibility towards the audience who are expecting a lot from me.

Q: How did you get into direction?

A: I started with theatre in college. I acted for about 5 -6 years and then eventually took up direction. I directed a couple of plays and this was when I realized that this is my passion and this is what I want to do. To further pursue my passion, I went to Mumbai and got a diploma in film making. Initially, I started with music videos, documentaries and television and after that course I met Navaniat Singh, the director of Dharti and that’s how the movie happened to me.

 Q: Did you have to struggle to reach where you are today?

A:  Well, it would be wrong to say that I didn’t have to struggle in the initial years of my life. I had to go through my share of problems to reach where I am today. It wasn’t a very easy journey for me. Difficulty levels are always high when you start anything new, there are teething problems whenever you take a plunge and later everything starts falling in place. I had faced struggle on every step, right from convincing my family, as they were apprehensive of my profession. But yes, hard work and determination takes you places. I started as associate director in Dharti and Taur Mitran Di and finally directed Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22.

Q: Do you have filmy background?

A:  Everyone at my place is into academics. My father is a retired lecturer. I am hardly a graduate but yes I managed pretty well in life. 

Q: You make Punjabi films, so why do you reside in Mumbai?

A: All the big production houses were based out of Mumbai and Punjabi movies were made primarily in Mumbai. It was never a conscious decision to stay in Mumbai; I just wanted to work with good people. Mumbai gave me a great amount of exposure and growth.

Q: Is their any similarity and difference between Hindi Film Industry and Punjabi Film Industry? 

A: Hindi Film Industry definitely has a bigger stature. It an established industry but Punjabi cinema is also growing at a very fast pace.

 Q: Please tell us about your future projects?

A: I am making a situational comedy with a tentative title ‘Ishq Brandy’. It will be a totally different kind of comedy. The story is about 3 couples and their complicated love stories.


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